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AA USB Rachargable Battery


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Looks and works like usual AA battery, but can be recharged by USB!

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This item looks like a regular AA battery, but it isn't that simple. It's not just a rechargeable battery, but also all you need to charge it is an access to a regular USB port/charger (most of the modern phone chargers will do just fine as well). This means that now you don't have to worry about bulky, complicated and expensive AA rechargers when batteries in your wireless mouse die.

In the past in order to make your electronics work you had to use lots of single use batteries, which were costly and very unreliable. Thankfully, these days technology is there to make things a little bit easier for us. Rather than constantly buying batteries, with the USB rechargeable AA batteries you can recharge them in a snap by plugging them into any USB port of your pc or laptop or use a regular phone charger even for faster charging. These batteries are perfect for powering up the wireless keyboard or mouse and will last for quite some time thanks to their handy USB tips; a few hours on the dock and they’ll be good as new! And if you pair these batteries with any portable solar/thermoelectric USB charger you will have power for your camera/phone/flashlight/etc. even in the middle of nowhere! Can camping/traveling get any easier?

Size: NH-AA, set of 2
Voltage: 1.2 V
Capacity: 1450mAh
Plug into any USB port to recharge
Can Be Charged in Typical AA Battery Charger
Great for Cameras, Remote Control Cars, MP3 Players, AV Remotes, Flashlights etc
Strong Elastic Retainer (so you don't lose the cap)
Power Source: USB 5 V DC or Can be Charged by Conventional Charger
Dimension (AA): 50 (L) x 15 mm (Diameter)

Charge batteries before first use

LED light on showing battery is charging, light off charged
Recommended charge time 5 ~ 7 hours via USB
Product size: 14.10mm * 50.10 mm (and 5 of the battery size)
Products weight: 18g

Package included
1 Pair x USB Rechargeable Batteries

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