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About EXProgress

EXProgress - is a new word, that means unique specialty items or items that have been in existence for some time but are hard to find.

The "EX" in our company's name refers to the Latin prefix which means "from", "out of something", "result of". Literally our name means "all that came out of the scientific progress".


We are not just an informational novelties review organization. We are committed to bring products to the market that are interesting, inventive and can improve people’s lives in new better ways.

All of our items are interesting and innovative. Some are just for fun while others are designed for a specific task and are not that easy to find when you need them.

So what that things are for? They are:

- To ease the life, make everyday tasks easier
- To help with specific tasks that may directly or indirectly be useful, for example, for survival
- To impress others
- For self-realization
- Just for fun

Progressiveness - is a characteristic that girls like in guys and guys like in girls. Why? Because it means they are moving forward! Innovation not only helps to deal with every-day-tasks more effectively and easier, but also discovers new better ways to achieve the desired; not only it creates new opportunities for recreation and entertainment, but also gives new possibilities for self-expression, and to impress others; as an progressive individual striving for new possibilities and learns something new, and to see something that nobody ever seen before! Progressive people - are the guides, that show the way to the future, where everything is more convenient, more enjoyable, tastier, easier and generally better in all means.

Being proggressive will help you attract attention of the people surrounding you. And you will feel it yourself.

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