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About novelties review club EXProgress

Welcome to our novelties review club EXProgress!

If you are reading this article, then you are not just a man who is passing by and happened to come across this article, but the one who is actually interested in learning something about EXProgress.


Well, absolutely all people have an inherent interest in everything new. Some people are afraid of the new, some - strive for it, but nobody ignores it. What makes you different from others is that you are looking for something. And that's why you read articles and that's why you are interested in new organisations and websites. 

We are looking for something too. We are looking for something that will make our lives better, easier, will allow to achieve the desired faster and easier and overall will give new opportunities. But even more so we are looking for people like you and that's why we created this club where progressive people can share ideas, opinions and their fascination with innovation.


From the creator:

"I was always interested in cool new things. Friends who visited me, were always amazed about how much different stuff I have. They wanted to touch it, explore it, try it in action, or at least to know what it all was. I especially liked to watch how girls shone with excitement, when I showed them new interesting little things. Could that make an impression on them? I think yes. Of course, nobody falls in love with you just because you showed him or her a new interesting little thing, but certainly they will get interested in you.

It was my interest in innovations, that encouraged me to create this project which will serve as a guide showing the way for those who wants to see future sooner. We will look for novelties, give reviews, and also report about new very interesting and promising things that didn't even come to mass production yet! Moreover, we will find these things for you and give you the possibility to buy them, giving the opportunity for those who wants to keep up with the progress!"



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