This magical pen can recreate any colour you point at, and save 100,000 of your favorites in its internal memory. Its makers spill their secrets. Since the earliest version of MacPaint, launched in 1984, graphics software programs have done their best to imitate real life, providing mini icons of pens, pencils and paint pots to show what these magic pixel-manipulators will do on your screens. But now, in a process of barely credible technological sorcery, those software tools are feeding back into real life. You know the pipette icon that can reproduce any color on your screen? Soon you’ll have one in your real-world pencil case.
 The Scribble Pen
We were inspired by Microsoft Paint and Photoshop,” says Kevin Harrison, from the San Francisco start-up that has been developing the device for the past two years with a team of electronic engineers and colour scientists. “We thought, wouldn’t it be great if you could have a physical colour-picker that could not only sample, but match and reproduce any colour in real life?” The Scribble Pen is a real-life colour-picker that is capable of sampling then drawing in 16 million different shades, from something the size of your average felt-tip pen.
 The Scribble Pen
The Scribble Pen and Stylus pairs with a mobile app to instantly sync every color you scan directly onto your iPhone, iPad or Android mobile device. Your colors become more useful when they are organized, tagged, searchable and converted to various color models.
   The Scribble Pen

The Scribble Pen

The Scribble Pen

Scribble's technologically advanced ink is lightfast and water-resistant - no matter the weather, it won't fade away.

Charged quickly via micro-USB cable, Scribble's lightweight, lithium-ion battery gives you 15 hours of unlimited creating power.

You can easily transfer your custom and captured colors into Photoshop or CorelDRAW, for use in all your projects.

The Scribble Stylus comes with two different tips, for precise, lag-free drawing or writing on your mobile device. You can make broad strokes with the soft rubber tip, or aim for precision with the harder, finer tip.

With Scribble you can write, draw, sketch, paint and share on your Surface Pro, Android Tablet, iPad and iPad Pro.

Your stylus will play nicely with other apps! Designed to universal standards, the Scribble software is open to all developers.
Doodle on paper, doodle on tablets, interior decoration, color coordination, gemstone identification. 
The Scribble Pen     
The Scribble Pen Specifications:
Compatibility: iOS 7+, Android 4.0+
Connectivity: Bluetooth Smart, Micro USB
Battery Life: 7 hours
Color Sensor: RGB Sensor
Tip 3 tip sizes to control stroke weight
Dimensions: 156.51mm x 14.85mm (6.16 x 0.58 in.)
How does Scribble Work?
The built-in color sensor lets you easily capture any color - simply point it at an object or surface and press the button! Draw or write with it right away, or save it to sync with your mobile devices. The Scribble Pen comes with three different sizes of drawing tip, allowing you the freedom to express yourself as neatly or boldly as you like. Scribble is perfect for both drawing and accurate writing. Scribble's ink cartridge connects to a smart micro pump that recreates the color you have scanned.
The Scribble Pen
The Scribble Pen

The Scribble Pen

The Scribble Pen                                                                                                
Who can use the scribble pen?
The Scribble is intended for anyone who needs access to a wide range of colors as well as the facility to easily and quickly reproduce any color.. Children will love the Scribble because it can create a myriad of different colors, completely replacing even their biggest box of crayons or marking pens. It will also let them instantly scan and draw with any color they see on any object around them. Artists, graphic designers, interior decorators, fashion designers, or anyone working with color in their professional lives, will be able to scan color from any product, surface or chart, and instantly reproduce the identical color, to be used either on paper or on an electronic device of their choice.
How cool would it be to paint a flower with a pen that takes the exact colors from nature and puts them down on a piece of paper? For another use, in a press release about the pens, an interior decorator from Boston known mysteriously as "Emily G." says: "This would be the perfect device to help me easily scan and save color samples for client presentations. Being able to quickly match existing colors off walls and swatches with the Scribble Pen is going to be brilliant."